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We hope you find your visit to our website informative and you will want to contact
us to discuss your requirements for your current or next project. We have been established
in the tunnelling industry for over 17 years with over 30 years mining experience prior to that.

With our versatile manufacturing facility we can meet the most demanding production deadlines
and provide you with the bespoke tooling to enhance your production demands.We design and
manufacture all types of carbide tipped cutters to fit all TBM types, including:


Modification of current cutting heads and equipment is also a speciality of ours to
meet changing demands and different projects, including: Different tooling and holders,
Cutting head protection, Water and Foam ports, Backup equipment, to include: Segment handling
beams, erectors and Augers etc.

We also offer supply and advise on Roller Cutters being the UK agents for German Kolk Cutters.
and all types of Point Attack Picks for the tunnelling and construction industries.

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